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Get Clear. Plan & Prepare

Moving on from your current job can be tough and is often fraught with uncertainty and a lot of emotion.

  • Take the time up-front. Give yourself space to process what you’re experiencing.
  • Buckle Up! helps you navigate the ups and downs you will experience through this journey.
  • If you start a job search when your confidence is low, or you’re steeped in anger, it can work against you.

This Can Be An Opportunity

Ask yourself, do you want a career by default or by design?

  • I help you navigate this journey, so you can get you to a find both professional and personal success quickly.
  • A career transition is a chance to re-evaluate and clarify. It is the time to ask yourself some important questions. What are my core values? What are my key strengths? What problems do I love to solve and who has those problems?

You are Not Alone

There are hundreds of thousands of people on this journey right now. However, it is up to you to take responsibility for how you navigate the change.

  • Your financial security, your important collegial relationships, your self-worth and much more can be seriously challenged.
  • Many people have been through this and come out the other side with wonderful new jobs. Think of your transition as a professional and personal journey. Done correctly you can quickly travel to a wonderful new career that is right for

This Proven Self-Management Process is Described in Detail in Buckle Up!

I have collaborated with hundreds of people going through career changes and developed a powerful process/guidelines designed to enable you to spend less time on the emotional rollercoaster and more time on a productive job search.