Explore how you can better manage yourself through the ups and downs of career transition.


You’re a well-educated professional with plenty of experience and know-how.

Recently, you lost your job and aren’t exactly sure how or where to start searching for a new role. Stress and anxiety have taken grip, after all, work is one of life’s foundation pillars. When that foundation disappears, naturally all our fears are triggered and we feel overwhelmed.

Perhaps you’ve been working with the same organization for many years and find yourself unemployed for the first time since you left school. Things have changed and you need to get up to speed quickly.

Or, you’re the type of person who has had a good professional career but are looking to make a change. Perhaps you’re feeling stale, uninspired or maybe just plain bored. You don’t really know where to begin or what you truly want in the next stage of your career.

Finding a new job and making changes can feel like a discombobulating rollercoaster ride!

Most of us would rather spend less time in self-doubt and emotional turmoil and more time taking confident steps toward our goals. Sometimes we all need a professional coach, a thought partner, someone who listens in a way where we can begin to hear ourselves and thus begin sorting out the tangle of thoughts and feelings. The pieces of the puzzle start coming together and you can better articulate the value you bring, your core strengths, and begin experiencing more engaging and productive meetings, whether networking or interviewing. With increased clarity, you’ll face less disappointments and also recover more quickly from setbacks.



My goodness, are you ever made for this work! Your suggestion to look at strengths, values, etc., along with your reflection on what I need/am gaining from my current position was beyond valuable. I have now moved forward with some concrete steps aimed at giving me more information to help me make my next decision. I feel good about my progress and have more trust in myself and my capacity to figure these things out over time.
Maggie DiStasi, PCC, RCC™


1:1 Coaching & Consulting

A strategic thought partnership to help you get clear, stay focused, and land a new role.

Virtual Group Coaching

A weekly check-in group providing support, tools, and strategies for staying on track.


Ideas, tips and strategies to help you better manage the process and stay ahead of the competition.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


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